Duct Design & Testing in Central Florida

Duct design and testing are equally as important as a properly sealed duct system because a proper duct design can lower energy consumption, make your home more comfortable, decrease noise level and save you money. At Aeroseal of Central Florida, we provide support to customers in designing a perfectly sized duct system to allow proper airflow into the system and throughout the entire home.

Duct Design Process

Here are the steps that we follow and the things we take into account when designing a duct system:

  • Heating and cooling load calculation
  • Select the right equipment
  • Adjust the indoor and outdoor design conditions of the home
  • Air weight
  • Physics of airflow
  • Size of the duct

Duct Testing

Our services also include duct testing and duct leakage testing, a diagnostic tool designed to measure the airtightness of forced air heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) ductwork. There are several ways to find duct leakage, some of the methods consist of:

  • Using a duct leakage and blower door test
  • Using a flow hood
  • Using a blower door and pressure pan
  • Using a blower door only

At Aeroseal of Central Florida, our main priority is to ensure that the premium ductwork services are being served to every one of our customers. If you want to learn more about our duct design and testing services, or to set up an appointment, contact us at 386-753-3734.

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Certifications & Affialitions
  • Aeroseal is a BPI member
  • Aeroseal is a north american technician excellence member
  • Aeroseal is a Comfort Institute member
  • Certified Residential Thermographer