Standard Duct Sealing Services in Central Florida

Aeroseal of Central Florida offers professional duct sealing to seal any leaks, holes or cracks in the duct system, which is necessary for proper heating and cooling. Air pressure combined with air duct leakage can lead to a loss of energy in the HVAC system. So, duct sealing significantly reduces the chance of air leakage, optimizes energy efficiency and controls pollution entering the building.

Before sealing ducts it is important to make sure that the total external static pressure of the duct work is adjusted to the equipment manufacturer's specifications. If it's not, it will result in higher energy usage and reduced equipment performance. Only professionals, like us at Aeroseal of Central Florida, will be able to accurately check the external static pressure to provide a reliable duct sealing solution.

If you want to avoid losing valuable conditioned air to the roof and crawlspace and prevent drawing dirty air into your home environment, let us help. Our experts can save you money on utility bills and ensure healthier airflow at the most affordable rate.

Our standard duct sealing service includes:

  • Inspection of the entire duct system, including the attic, basement, and crawlspace.
  • Seal leaks and gaps behind registers and grills where the duct meets the floor, wall, or ceiling.
  • Repair or replace damaged, disconnected, or undersized ducts
  • Evaluate air flow after repairs are completed

To learn more information regarding our standard duct sealing services in Central Florida, contact us at 386-753-3734 today!

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Certifications & Affialitions
  • Aeroseal is a BPI member
  • Aeroseal is a north american technician excellence member
  • Aeroseal is a Comfort Institute member
  • Certified Residential Thermographer